When it comes to your waterproofing requirements we not only meet Australian standards but even deliver in exceeding the standards. We have seen a lot of tilers and water proofers alike take dangerous short cuts which can usually lead to the membrane failing after a few years.
It comes down to bad surface preparation, wrong products and tradesmen making their own assumptions, all of which is a recipe for disaster.

We over 10 year’s industry experience we take waterproofing to a new level and specialise in both new and remedial work.

Below is the process we follow to ensure it is done right the first time round. The below is a basic guide and each project will vary accordingly.

  • Cut back and grind concrete with concrete grinding tool
  • Vacuum and clean the surface
  • Acid wash the surface
  • Clean water wash the surface
  • Heat dry the surface
  • Installation of polyurethane bond breakers
  • Installation of 1 coat of primer
  • Installation of 2 coats of high flexibility waterproof

According to each job and its requirements we use and recommend the following types of membrane

  • Latex based products
  • Water based polyurethane
  • Solvent based polyurethane

Speak with one of our waterproofing experts and see how we can assist.

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